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Panjareh (Window in Persian, پنجره)

Panjareh is a visual short story based on a beautiful poem by the Iranian poet and filmmaker Forough Forrakhzad about a young woman growing up. By remembering her childhood she suddenly realizes she is a woman now. (duration 7m23s, format 9:16)

About Panjareh: “During the lockdown, alone in my room with one window, I watched the neighbours across the street, observed their slow movements, their loneliness… I was watching a television show with the inspiring Sachli Gholamalizad; the short stories by the wonderful Fleur Pierets on my lap, I discovered the beautiful poem Window by Forough Forrakhzad. It tells the story of a young woman growing up. By remembering her childhood she suddenly realizes she really is a woman now. And me too, by reading her fluttering words, I realized my girlhood is over.”

by Violet Braeckman

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Violet Braeckman is a Belgian actress + film and theatermaker. In 2019 she graduated from the Academy of Performing Arts in Maastricht. Violet played in theater productions at International Theater Amsterdam, Zuidpool, The National Theater The Hague, Belgian National Orchestra, etc. She had parts in series such as ‘GR5’, ‘The Window’ and ‘F*** You Very Very Much’, directed by Bert Scholiers and Jonas Govaerts, that will be broadcasted later this year. Her latest work is called ‘Shadow, till you return’, a short film she wrote and created together with Ramy Moharam Fouad. ‘Shadow, till you return’ was selected for International Short Filmfestival Leuven. Violet was also asked by Laurens Mariën (NEIN Arts) to make a short story for his online festival Do It Home. Violet is one of the ambassadors of WIFTM, an organization that strives for gender equality in our Film, Television, and Media landscape. Every summer Violet organizes Short Wood in and around her garden (a former tree nursery/forest) and house (some kind of warehouse). It’s a theater/film/music festival for graduating or freshly graduated performers, musicians, and filmmakers from all over the country and the Netherlands. Such as Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe, Brik Tu-Tok, Ramy Moharam Fouad, Des Mona, Florian Myjer & Kim Karssen, Vieze Meisje, Kato De Boeck, Ikraaan, Anna Franziska Jaeger & Nathan Ooms and so on…

Violet Braeckman

This artwork is showcased at Subbacultcha’s Community Exhibition.
In collaboration with Zwart Op Wit, De Studio & Antwerp Art Weekend

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