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Number 11

Ken doesn’t title his work, instead, he gives his paintings numbers because he wants the viewer to be open-minded and to make up a story about the painting. Art is art, nothing more nothing less. Keep it simple. Sometimes, you need to get away from the seriousness of it all. Meersman tries to find balance and simplicity in geometric designs. He starts by drawing his design on paper before starting on canvas. However, it sometimes happens he starts on the canvas right away and sees where it takes him. Designs can change along the way. He starts by copying or roughly making the design. If he is pleased with that he uses tape to get the lines straight, however, he always finishes the painting by hand. Meersman wants the lines to be straight not perfect. The whole idea is to get away from the seriousness art is nowadays and to make art as simple as it possibly can be. As one of his favorite artists, Sam Gilliam, said: “If a work takes 30 minutes or 59 pages to explain, it’s no good.” The only thing Meersman desires in a piece of art is to see that the artist mastered a skill, has practiced, evolved without taking him or herself too seriously. He doesn’t want to see that it’s just about getting the “title” artist. If so, Meersman is not interested.

67 cm x 67 cm.
Acryl on canvas.

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An edition of this artwork is available for purchase in the Bookshop during Antwerp Art Weekend at De Studio. Printed by Zwartopwit.be on Alu 3mm (Dibond): an aluminium composite with an inner core of PE and 2-sided white lacquered aluminium.

You can pick up your purchase at the end of the tour in the Bookshop (Rotonde).

by Ken Meersman

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Meet Ken Meersman’s minimalistic and expressionistic work. It’s based on Franz Kline and Keith Haring. Meersman tries to find balance in geometric compositions and uses a minimum of colors that contrast one another and that contribute to the simplicity of the work. Ken always works with water-based paints and doesn’t care whether they are from an art store or a DIY shop. As long as they do the job.

This artwork is showcased at Subbacultcha’s Community Exhibition.
In collaboration with Zwart Op Wit, De Studio & Antwerp Art Weekend

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