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In December Jonas was finally able to move to Brussels. Something he has been wanting to do for a while now. His apartment is situated in the lively neighbourhood of Anderlecht. It’s only 10 minutes walk from the city center, Gare du Midi. Jonas has always lived in Boutersem, a small town near Leuven, and let’s be honest Leuven is also a city that feels like a small town. When he took on a full-time job in Leuven he knew it wasn’t the place Jonas also wanted to live. Every morning when he walks to the station to take the train to work he has to stop at least a few times to photograph something that catches his eye. It is a lively neighbourhood with lots of things going on all the time and you see there is a warm and tight community of diverse people living here. One thing Jonas has noticed in particular is the amount of trash lying around the streets. He has always been fascinated by it and for him, it’s an interesting subject since it tells a lot about a city and its inhabitants. It’s something most people find ugly but to Jonas, it’s always interesting to see what kind of situations/ new compositions it creates and how it can change an (urban) landscape. It’s a reoccurring theme in his photographic work and he will continue exploring it every day.

29,7 cm x 42 cm

by Jonas Reubens

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Jonas Reubens is 25. He lives in Brussels and works in Leuven in a streetwear store called Giraffe Leuven. When Jonas is not at work he puts his energy into photographing and in 2 other projects: GROEF visual & musical arts + Veduta (fka Moodprint Invites) focusing on creating a platform for young creatives.

Jonas Reubens

This artwork is showcased at Subbacultcha’s Community Exhibition.
In collaboration with Zwart Op Wit, De Studio & Antwerp Art Weekend

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